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Treaters from Treehouse Digital

We have recently had the pleasure to work with local film production company, Treehouse Digital, on the production of their new short film 'Treaters'. It is a beautifully made, spooky little creation perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween! We were delighted to provide a number of the Halloween themed props and thoroughly enjoyed attending the filming. The whole team was incredibly professional, highly skilled and great fun to work with. We're really impressed with the end result - check it out on YouTube (see link below) - it was released on 23rd October 2017 and celebrates it's full release on 35mm film on Halloween night at the Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth, Dorset. If you'd like to attend, contact Treehouse Digital via their web site: It's sure to be a creepy, thrilling evening!

A gang of three kids, led by a mysterious, clown-faced mastermind, stage the sweetest heist of their lives on Halloween. They’ve set their sights on the local candy store, but get more than they bargained for when faced with the not-so-sweet store owner.