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Winchester Cathedral

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Large antique framed and glazed chromolithograph print of the interior of Winchester Cathedral. Stunning detail and colouring, this piece was produced by M & N Hanhart which was a lithographic publishing house in the 19th Century (1839 - circa 1890).  The company was founded by Michael Hanhart, and it had a long and successful history. It published its first prints in 1840 and continued to produce work beyond 1888. The firm published a wide range of material, from book illustrations to lithographic sheet music covers, but it was in the field of large, individual chromolithographs that M & N Hanhart excelled. Using a complex layering of tint stones, Hanhart printed elaborate works unique for their colouration and tonal values. This is a lovely example which shows its age with dignity. Beautiful muted colours.

Measures: 86cm high x 78cm wide x 4cm deep