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Adam Rouilly Cockroach Head Model

Vintage 50:1 scale anatomical model of the head of a Cockroach (latin name: Periplaneta Americana), supplied originally by Adam,Rouilly. Salvaged from a college, this particular model has been mounted in a wooden carry/storage case to protect it, with identifying labels on all sides. This model is still available directly from Adam-Rouilly, Somso at a price of £570 excluding delivery.  Manufactured in Somso-PLAST, the upper jaw and maxillae are movable & mounted to demonstrate the function, and the model separates into 3 parts. Mounted on the original branded green base, which in turn is mounted to the base of the wooden carry case. Obvious signs of age and use, with the carry case taking the brunt of any wear (as it was intended to do).

Measures: 43cm tall x 29cm wide x 18cm deep (excluding the case)