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The Fabulous Baker Boys

One of the rarest pairs of die cut enamel signs we've ever had has recently come to us from a private collector. The fabulous Baker Boys of Sunlight Soap signs were produced by the Chromographic Enamel Co of Wolverhampton from circa 1905 for just a few years. They were produced to be mounted on either side of a cart or trolley bus.  This pair were discovered in Australia and repatriated to the UK a few years ago, which may help to explain their amazing condition - they are by far the best condition Sunlight Soap signs we have seen. Colour is still strong and one sign has only minor losses to the enamel - no folds or major damage at all.

Sunlight Soap was introduced by British company Lever Brothers in 1884 - it was the first packaged, branded laundry soap. Famed for their £1000 guarantee of purity marketing ploy - it is still a recognised product in many countries around the world.