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Yes that's right, there is only one of this special collection of 11 cars left. The remaining car is a 1953 Lusse Autoskooter which has been completely restored (see photo above). So........if a piece of fairground history is what you seek, be quick!  It's a beautiful car in excellent condition, just waiting for it's new home.

This actual car was used in a promotional video for a cover shoot with James Corden (see still from the video - full video available).

A little about Lusse Auto Skooters:

The Lusse Auto Skooter was born in the Lusse Brothers machine shop in Philadelphia in the late 1920s/early 1930s. Lusse were the first producer to make the car with front drive/steering, following on from the original Dodgem idea to have a rear drive, which proved to be extremely difficult to manoeuvre. The Lusse Auto Skooter is arguably the best bumper car ever made, according to riders and rink operators in the USA - they bumped harder, turned quicker and went faster - and with superb style. The cars truly lived up to the slogan "Everybody has more fun with a Lusse Auto Skooter!"

If you would like details of the car, or are interested in acquiring this amazing, iconic vehicle please contact us

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