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Victorian Finger Plate 2

Victorian cast brass and pierced finger plate, with 4 pre-drilled fixing holes top & bottom.  Dating from the late 19th Century, this plate is heavily decorated with musical instruments including a lire, tamborine and horns as well as foliate decoration - perfect for a music room.  It's in as found condition and is part of a small collection of pieces we recently discovered (see photo of the plates available and other listings for details).

The fashion in the second half of the 19th Century was to have pierced rather than solid finger plates for 2 reasons.  Firstly, and most importantly, was so that a piece of paper could be placed behind the finger plate to add some additional decor to the already elaborate interiors of the time.  The paper would often match or at least compliment the wallpaper of the room.  Secondly, and much less importantly, it meant that they did not need constant polishing.  The previous fashion to have a solid brass plate with some embossed design meant that the flat areas needed to be regularly polished to remove any marks. 

Measures: 30cm tall x 7cm wide x 0.5cm deep