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Trench Art Trinket Box

Small trench art trinket box in the form of a book. Engraved border pattern on the front and back, and engraved with the name JOHN WILLIS along with NOMANSLAND, which is a small village in Wiltshire and dated 1908 (which we believe to be the birth date of a child). An Arthur John Willis was a member of the 2nd Wiltshire Regiment and was killed in action in March 1915 in France.......was this box a gift to his son?? We have been unable to confirm, but this is the closest we can get with our research. In any event, this is a beautifully made piece that required some skill to produce, and it is in excellent original condition with no damage at all. Please note that the 1:43 scale Porsche is shown for scale purposes only.

Measures: 7cm tall x 5.5cm wide x 1.75cm deep