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The Four Evangelists

Very large (2.4m tall x 2.2 wide) antique copper and brass surround, depicting the Synoptic Gospels of the Four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with Christ in the centre. The evangelists are depicted as:

Matthew - Winged Man/Angel

Mark - Winged Lion

Luke - Winged Ox

John - Eagle

When the four evangelists appear together, this is known as 'The Tetramorphs'. The central figure is Christ, but could be mounted separately. Difficult to date this piece precisely, but the imagery used suggests it could be as early as 15th or 16th Century because the Evangelist figures were commonly represented in human form after this date. Each panel has been mounted on board so that they can be easily mounted to a wall or frame, and could be hung independently if preferred. Each panel measures 1.2m tall x 1.1m wide. This piece was discovered in France, but the origin is unclear.

Total display measures approx 2.4m tall x 2.2 wide