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T&C Clark Coffee Grinder

Antique cast iron and brass coffee grinder by T&C Clark & Co of Wolverhampton, England. Dating from circa 1890, the coffee grinder would have been black with green and gold detailing (signs of which can still be seen). T&C Clark & Co Ltd was founded in 1795 and was based at the Shakespeare Foundry which grew to become one of the largest iron foundries in England in the 19th Century. The company was awarded the silver medal for its products at the Paris International Exhibition of 1878 (a brass plaque can be seen on the coffee grinder). The company finally closed in the mid-1960s. The coffee grinder is complete, but has been stored in a garage for some years, so probably best to be used for decorative purposes only.

Measures: 20cm tall x 15cm wide x 15cm deep