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Stradivarius Violin.....

Antique violin labelled 'Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1770' with a logo showing 'A+S' in a circle. Also marked 'Conservatory Violin' on the These were copies of the original violin produced mostly in southern and eastern German towns and villages from the 19th Century to the mid-20th Century.  This is believed to date from the early 20th Century and is a good quality, entry level violin. Has an unusual engraved chin rest depicting a luthier at work (possibly meant to be Stradivarius himself) and comes in a lightweight wooden lockable carry case (no key). Good condition and although we are not violin experts, this appears to be complete and useable, however the bow does have a few loose strings. Alternatively would make a lovely decorative piece for a music themed space.

Measures: 78cm long x 23cm wide x 14cm tall