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Star Jars Wicket the Ewok biscuit barrel

Here is something different for Star Wars fans. A ceramic Wicket the Ewok biscuit barrel. Can bearly imagine anything finer than selecting a custard cream from the depths of Wicket's body to dunk in your tea! He is large and in good vintage condition - you'll see a small chip on the rim of the body in the pics but otherwise he is fine. He is a limited edition as well - 1000 pieces. The story goes .....

From 1998 through to 2000 a high-end ceramics company based in Palm Beach, Florida was slowly producing some of the best Star Wars cookie jars that the world has ever seen. The first four Star Wars 'Star Jars' were released to an unsuspecting public. Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO were Star Jar's introduction pieces to the Star Wars collecting community. Cookie jar collectors also developed a strong interest in the pieces.

Time passed. As anxious collectors waited, an unexplained delay for the next pieces followed. Finally two more cookie jars appeared: Jabba and Wicket the Ewok. However, mid-production on Jabba and Wicket, Star Jars folded. The Palm Beach, Florida company closed their doors for good. Most of the short production cookie jars had gone to collectors who to this day hold on to them tightly.

So .... supposed to be one of 1000 pieces, the production for Wicket the Ewok seems never to have finished, making him very rare indeed!