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    Soviet Era Rocket Lamp

    Really unusual Soviet era rocket lamp - manufactured by the secret 'Southern' Machine Building Factory (Yuzhnyi Machino-stroitelnyi Zavod - shortened to Yuzhmash) in Dnipropetrovsk (modern day Ukraine) - which was one of the infamous closed cities that was only opened to 'foreigners' about 20 years ago. The rocket is mounted on a tall moulding in the form of the trail created by a rocket on blast off - this is lit with an orange light.  Beneath this there is a black band showing various images (Lenin, the Revolution, military images, and CCCP among other things).  The lower area is illuminated in green, and has an engraved inscription in Cyrillic which suggests that the piece was a leaving gift for an employee (Anna Grizorevna - employee number 2761) in 1971 after 18 years of service.

    Measures: 40cm tall x 14cm diameter at the base