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Shell Advertising Poster

Large vintage Shell petrol advertising poster for the 'Shell Make Money' sales promotion.  The promotion has seen various iterations over the past 50+ years, but this poster dates from the original launch in July 1966. The idea of the promotion was to match 2 halves of a bank note, and was one of the most successful ever launched, helping Shell increase its market share substantially, but despite this it has been shrouded in controversy due to the fact that many of the prizes were rigged to be awarded to drivers in the London & South East regions, and at the larger stations.  So if you were a driver in Scotland buying from a small provincial station in the late 1960s, your chance of winning the top prize was virutally zero!  The poster is in good used condition with some obvious marks, but is mounted on board, and is complete.

Measures: 152cm tall x 101cm wide