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Sports Car Prints

Set of 4 vintage unframed sports car prints produced for Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd in 1968 by James A. Allington. The prints depict cut away sections of 4 different race cars (Ferrari P4, Porsche 908, Ford GT40 and Chaparral).  Only 4 Ferrari P4's were made (in 1967) to compete in various endurance races - most notably LeMans and 24 Hours of Daytona. The first Porsche 908's were built in 1968 and various iterations were built until 1971 for Porsche factory teams - after this a number of these cars were sold to privateers and continue to compete to this day in classic endurance races. The Ford GT40 is an iconic race car, first raced in 1964, and has been successful multiple times at LeMans (1966-1969). The Chaparral is an American race car designed for Can-Am races, and was raced from 1963 to 1970. The model in the print appears to be a 2F or 2G, dating from 1966/1967.

The prints are new old stock and would look great framed and mounted as a group (photo shows what they could look like).

Each print measures: 58cm wide x 42cm tall