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Caricature Artwork

Early 20th Century original caricature artwork depicting 5 gentlemen of note (N.D. Calder, C.P. Colvin OBE, F.J. Page OBE, Dr W.R. Horn and T.S. Sankara Aiyar). Each gentleman is shown in a pose relevant to his particular skill or ability, such as:

N.D. Calder - Horse Trainer?

C.P. Colvin OBE - Painter?

F.J. Page OBE - Explorer? (He was Captain in the Indian Defence Force in 1920)

Dr W.R. Horn - Mathematician?

T.S. Sankara Aiyar - Tennis Player?

The artist is E.King (signed at the bottom).  The artwork is in great condition, but does have some old water marks and discolouration. Mounted in a gilt plaster frame - has framers' print on the back (Hugh A. Ross, Dingwall in Scotland).

Measures: 76cm tall x 59.5cm wide x 3.5cm deep