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Oliver No 5 Standard Visible Typewriter

More gothic than a gargoyle, here we have a typewriter that we believe Morticia may have used, back in the day! This is an amazing Oliver Model No 5 typewriter, made in Chicago, circa 1914. In researching this piece we discovered that it is rumoured that a Reverend Thomas Oliver ventured to manufacture a typewriter so that he could produce more legible sermons. The resulting machines are easily some of the most recognisable, most loved and most iconic designs in typewriter history. They feature a pair of arches that stand erect and house the u-shaped down stroke type bars. This down stroke design allowed for partial visible writing - a major innovation in its era. It isn't in useable condition at the moment (we have left it completely as found), but could be restored. However, it is utterly gorgeous and a real character addition to any room. Also, a perfect present for the Oliver in your life!