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Moresi & Lucca Copper Savoy Grill Rondeau

Large antique hammered copper rondeau (or stew pot) dating from the late 19th Century. Stamped with the makers' mark (Moresi & Lucca Coppersmiths, 58 Neal St, London), Savoy Grill & 7 (denoting the inventory number) - this piece was salvaged from a London refinishing company over 30 years ago, and has not seen the light of day since. We discovered it in a garage along with a number of other pans (mostly from the Savoy Grill or House of Commons - see our blog post for more information). This particular pan has undergone a recent deep clean and polish.  The base of the pan is buckled, so although the tin lining is still OK, it would not be suitable for cooking.  However it would make an amazing champagne ice bucket, or a table centrepiece full of flowers or candles.

Measures: 46cm diameter x 21cm deep (18" dia x 8¼"deep)