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Metropolitan Police Whistle

Antique Metropolitan Police issue whistle dating from the late 1880s.  Identified as an MP-9 model, this was manufactured by J. Hudson & Co of 13 Barr Street, Birmingham. This model of whistle, with the 13 Barr Street address was produced between 1888 and 1909. The Metropolitan was first patented in 1884 when J. Hudson secured the first contract to supply various police forces of the UK. The address stamped on the whistle, combined with the stamp style and the model number dates this particular whistle to 1888. In used condition - would have originally been nickel-plated, but has seen a lot of use, and the plating has worn away to show the brass. One of 2 similar items recently discovered - the other dating from 1887 (see last photo) - please note price is for the 1888 whistle only.

Measures: 8cm long x 1.75cm dia