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Mazawattee Tea Tin

A cute Mazawattee Tea tin with lid, showing the 'Old Folks at Home' grandma and grandchild pairing. The image covers the whole lid and the sides have a lovely decorative alphabet of children entwined around 'Mazawattee Tea'. The base has the company name and details of its tea plus remnants of original seal. This is one of a number of late 19th century Mazawattee caddies with the 'Old Folks' imagery but the Kate Greenaway (1846-1901, a leading English illustrator) input on this one makes it extra special and rare.

Condition is good, with a few scratches and marks and a bit of wear on the lid. Otherwise, the colours and overall look of the tin are great. The hinge, opening and interior are immaculate.

Measures: 2.25" tall x 8.5" wide x 5.5" deep