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Marius Roux Glazed Pottery Butter Dish

Rare vintage Marius (Michel) Roux signed glazed studio pottery lidded butter dish in the unique Cove Blue colourway, with a leaf motif on the lid. Marius Roux is a French potter who has been producing kitchenwares in Cornwall (Trecarne Pottery) since 2003. Marius (real name Michel) was born in Aix-en-Provence, France and started potting in England in 1978.  Marius acquired the Trecarne Pottery, and set to work producing his unique blend of kitchen items in 2003.  He was originally trained as a chef, before realising that his passion lay in the world of potting. His early pieces (like this one) are signed Michel Roux, but he changed his name to Marius to prevent further confusion with the famous chef.

Measures: 13.5cm long x 9cm wide x 7cm deep