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LMS Railway Copper Pan

Rare vintage copper pan supplied to LMS (London Midland & Scottish) Railway for the restaurant car. The firm was established in 1923 through a collaboration of multiple train companies to become the world's largest transport organisation, and the largest commercial enterprise in the British Empire, only surpassed by the Post Office as the largest single employer. The pan is stamped 'LMS REST CARS' and BTHS (British Transport Hotel Service). The pan dates from the first quarter of the 20th Century, but the BTHS stamp is a later addition, as the BTHS was only formed in the early 1950s. This dates from a time when the restaurant car served fully cooked meals, not just sandwiches and sausage rolls. This particular pan would sit on a burner, with a ring around to prevent the pan from moving or tipping when the train moved. Unfortunately there are no makers stamps on it, but most likely Benham & Froud with its hammered construction and brass handles. In good condition - could be used as a small planter or wine cooler, or with a good clean & polish it could possibly be reused. Being sold in 'as found' condition.

Measures: 21cm tall (8.25") x 18cm dia (7") (excluding handles)