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Jetel 'Golly' Nursery Gramophone

Extremely rare Jetel 'Golly' Nursery Portable Gramophone.  The case is covered in a patterned paper depicting various toys, such as trains, boats, teddy bears, cricket bats, books etc. The outer surfaces are faded, as to be expected for a piece of this age, but the interior is like new, with a vibrant pink background and a deep purple velvet deck cover.  Has a LAMY soundbox supported on the tone arm - all chrome and in very good condition. Has a hinged lid, leather carry strap (which has come detached at one end) and original winding arm. Believed to date from the 1940s, but very little information can be found online. Great piece that is in fully working order and sounds authentic.... :o)

Measures: 33cm wide x 29cm deep x 16cm high