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Haskell Coffin Framed Print

Early 20th Century framed and signed print of a William Henry 'Haskell' Coffin original artwork. Haskell Coffin was a well-known painter and commercial artist. He specialised in images of women, and many of his artworks were used on the covers of American magazines such as 'The Saturday Evening Post' and 'The American Magazine'. He was one of the most highly paid illustrators of the era. He was born in 1878 and committed sucide in 1941 after a struggle with depression. This print is of a charming young girl at a desk writing a letter. It is believed to date from circa 1915-1920, this print is mounted in a beautiful plaster frame, behind glass and is in good original condition.

Measures: 48cm tall x 40cm wide x 4cm deep