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Foosball Table by Finale

Rare vintage foosball table by Finale, dating from the 1930s. This beauty is known as the Rolls Royce of foosball tables, due to the quality of production.  This example is in need of complete restoration, but when completed these tables sell for thousands! The cabinet is beech and mahogany, but has historic worm, so will need filling and restaining/waxing. Where there is veneer, it will almost all need to be replaced as it has obviously suffered from damp in its life and so the veneer has lifted. The players are cast aluminium and unfortunately 2 of the red players are missing, as are the glass ashtrays that would have been at either end, but the original cork balls are still present as are the scoring counters, the brass label and coin mechanism.

Approx measures: 90cm tall x 200cm wide x 140cm deep