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Folk Art Submarine

Vintage hand carved model of an Oberon-Class submarine.  This class of submarine was produced in the UK between 1957 and 1978 and saw service until 1988. They were mostly operated by the British Royal Navy, as well as the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Brazilian Navy and the Chilean Navy. A total of 27 subs were built during this time, the first being HMS Orpheus in 1960, and the last one built to see service in the British Royal Navy was HMS Onyx in 1967 (this sub also service in the Falklands War, where it was used to transport SBS troops......which may explain the connection to Poole, as there was an SBS base there). This model has some age related issues which can be fixed, but most importantly there are some interesting labels attached by the maker, including 'Born in Poole.....Made by the Navy', no doubt referring to the person who made this.  Also, 'Born in the Jungle......Made in Furniture Co'y', and the most informative 'Arse End'.....

Measures:  91.5cm long x 15cm tall x 8cm wide