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Engraved Medieval Decorative Plaques

Rare pair of large vintage brass engraved plates depicting an intricate historical story, mounted on a stone effect resin plaque for display. We believe these are reproductions of older plates, but rare because they show a story rather than an individual or defined scene. Monumental brasses were used as early as the 12th Century to replaced 3D carved wood or stone memorials to various historical figures. These fell out of favour in the early 18th Century, but saw a revival in the Victorian era. We have been unable to identify the actual story depicted in the brass, but obviously of medieval origin........with some interesting carryings on......with at least 3 people in a bed in one scene, and 3 naked people in a tub in another! Price is for the pair (reproduction monumental brasses of a similar size retail for £175 each!)

Measures: 66cm wide x 14cm high x 2.5cm deep (brass plaque measures 62cm wide x 11cm high)