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Edwardian Compendium Box

Unique hand carved Edwardian compendium/games box, with secret compartments. Appears to have been produced for a grand house to act as a compendium/games box with storage inside, secret compartments at either end, and concealed drawers on either side. At some time in its' life it has been 'upgraded' with collonial elephant heads, turtles and some decorative additions on the lid. It was salvaged from a church, and there are some slots that have been added to the top, so was most likely used as a multipurpose cabinet for the collections as well as storing the communion wine/wafers (as the secret compartments have metal holders for bottles and a pair of small metal dishes on an extending arm). This would make a great games/drinks cabinet in a grand room, and certainly would be a talking point for you and your guests. The more you look at this piece, the more of a story it tells, with various modification/additions during its' life.

Measures: 90cm tall x 75cm wide x 65cm deep (in the closed position)