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Concorde Wind Tunnel Model

Unique original wooden scale model of Concorde, produced during the development and early delivery stages of the aircraft circa 1975. The model is constructed completely of wood, and although is now white, signs of an original yellow paint can be seen in places (on the wings and around the engines), which suggests it was used at some point as a wind tunnel model prior to being repainted. It also has a registration mark (F-BVFA) visible on the underside of the right wing, which denotes an aircraft delivered to Air France in December 1975, and which is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum's Steven F. Uzar-Hazey Center at Dulles Airport, Washington, DC, USA. This was the FIRST Concorde to make a commercial flight for Air France on 21st January 1976 to Dakar, then Rio. She took her final commercial flight from JFK to Charles de Gaulle on 30th May 2003, and her final ever flight was from Charles de Gaulle to Washington Dulles on 12th June 2003, where she remains to this day!

Concorde was a British-French supersonic jet with a top speed of Mach 2.04 (1,354mph). First flown in 1969, it entered service with Air France and British Airways in 1976 and flew until its retirement in 2003. A total of 20 aircraft were built, including 6 for prototype and development. The model is a good, solid piece and is mounted on a bespoke chromed and weighted display stand, showing her in the take-off position.

Concorde measures: 81cm long x 35.5cm wingspan x 13cm high