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Concorde Desk Model

Beautiful scratch built vintage metal desk model of Concorde.  Difficult to date accurately, but likely produced by an engineering apprentice around the time that this legend of the skies was retired in 2003. The plane is made from steel that has been engraved with windows, doors etc and welded, with engines added to the delta wings. All mounted on an angled base as if Concorde is taking off for the last time. Concorde was a British-French supersonic jet with a top speed of Mach 2.04 (1,354mph). First flown in 1969, it entered service with Air France and British Airways in 1976 and flew until its retirement in 2003. A total of 20 aircraft were built, including 6 for prototype and development.

Measures: 60cm long x 22cm wide x 28cm tall