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Cold Painted Asian Peasant

Vintage cold painted lead figure of an Asian peasant, carrying a temple bell and a gong on a long pole - perfectly balanced.  This piece dates from the early 20th Century, but depicts a peasant from the 19th Century, wearing traditional robes and a rice hat. Most cold painted lead pieces are of simple figures, like dogs and cats, and the casting quality is quite basic. This is a crisp and very complex piece which is rarely seen. In great original condition, with signs of age including one small hole in the top of the temple bell (see photo), and the carrying pole (which would have been applied after the casting) has become separated from the main body of the figure. Neither of these are obvious and do not in any way detract from the impact of this piece. The bell and gong are removable for shipping.

Measures:  22cm tall x 37cm long x 14cm wide