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Charles H Pugh Motorcycle

This vintage miniature motorcycle is mounted on a steel frame for display purposes. It has been used in one of our interior design projects for the past few months, but is now finally available for sale. This piece has a Charles H Pugh Ltd brass plate attached - this company produced the ATCO lawnmower as well as carburettors and other engine parts for motorcycle producers. They even produced the ATCO Junior SafetyFirst Trainer - a 98cc car targeted at children to help them learn about road safety - produced for just 3 months in 1939!

It is still unclear whether this bike was produced as an exhibition display piece for the company to show off its' capabilities in the production of motorcycle engine parts, or if in fact it was a labour of love produced using parts from an ATCO lawnmower, with parts added where necessary. Has a lot of brass fittings and a leather seat, so whoever made it was using quality parts. The engine has not been tested, but all the parts appear to be there.  This was not made for a child to ride, as there are no brakes, only a throttle!

Please note: Noomi, the Chihuahua is not included in the price! :)