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Pair CCT Theatre Lights

The Silhouette 2000 is identical to the original Silhouette lantern in that it comprises of a lamp house, gate/shutter set and lens tube all bolted together by four bolts.

The lamp house has two finned castings that give the lantern its distinctive look. The lamp tray its retained by a quarter-turn lock and is fully removed from the lamp house for re-lamping. The idea being that the venue can have spare lamp trays in stock for immediate replacement of a faulty lamp holder.

The original gate assembly comprises three doughnut shaped steel plates that are held together with brass ringlets. Shutter blades are captive in the shutter set and the runners for a gobo holder or iris are punched onto one side of it.  The only difference between the original Silhouette and the Silhouette 2000 is that the Silhouette 2000 was designed to take a 2000W bulb instead of the original 1000W. This lantern has been converted to take a standard domestic bulb.

Measure: 75cm long x 35cm tall x 30cm wide (+ hanging bracket) each