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Cast Iron Stop/Go Sign

Original cast iron Stop/Go sign made by Alexander Kenyon & Co Ltd of Manchester (founded in 1859). Reference can be found to an earlier version of this sign dated 1933 (see image), the only difference being that the font is more 'modern' and the letters are 6" instead of 8", thus dating the sign to approx 1950. The STOP and GO text as well as the surround is raised, and the STOP and GO text has reflectors (although 4 have been replaced in the STOP text). The text can be seen day or night, for upto 1/4 mile away. Mounted on a replacement stand.  The disc measures 24" (approx 60cm) diameter, with handles on either side for the operator to manually rotate.

Measures: 170cm tall x 70cm wide (base is 80cm dia) max