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Can Opener by BJ Keith

Rare pop art 'Can-Opener' created by American artist B.J. Keith for Curtis Jeré - dated circa 1979.  BJ Keith was the artist of every piece in the kitchen line, which included a bottle opener, a whisk, a cheese grater & a potato peeler. The collection was produced in various sizes, with this being the largest of the range, designed for wall hanging in restaurants & commercial kitchens. This piece is powder coated paint on folded steel, with a fully functional corkscrew.......if you have a MASSIVE bottle of wine :) In untouched original condition.

BJ Keith was the head designer of Artisan House, under the name of Curtis Jeré for 30+ years.  She and Jerry Fels, one of the original owners of Artisan House with his partner, Curtis Freiler (hence the name, Curtis Jeré) worked together for a few years in the late 70's while he taught her to use metal to bring her designs to life.  They were close friends until he died.

Measures: 121cm tall x 33cm wide x 15cm deep