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Body Part Vernier

Victorian brass body part vernier by Aston and Mander of London. The company was established in 1779 and was best known for the production of various scientific tools and measuring devices, such as slide rules. We have 3 of these devices, all stamped with the makers mark.  In addition, 1 of the verniers is stamped HCR and the other 2 are stamped CID - these were believed to have been used in the morgue when carrying out autopsies in the late 19th and early 20th Century. 2 of the verniers are seized, but 1 (CID) is fully operational. In great condition - a very unusual display piece. Price is for 1, so when ordering please identify quantity and if you want CID or HCR stamped.

Measures: 70cm long x 15cm wide x 3cm deep