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BBC World Service

Extremely rare (1 of only 2 produced), large bronze alloy and enamel British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service plaque. This was fixed to one of the columns outside Bush House (1 either side of the main portico entrance), which was the home of the BBC World Service from the winter of 1941 until the final broadcast was transmitted on 12th July 2012 - over 70 years.  This is one of the original signs installed after WW2. Bush House is a grade II listed building at the southern end of Kingsway, London. Originally constructed in stages during the 1920s and 1930s by American industrialist Irving T. Bush as a major new trade centre, and was already declared 'the most expensive building in the world' in 1929. A previous owner of the sign has attempted to flatten it, but there is still some curvature as a result of it being originally installed on a large round stone column. In excellent condition, with a great patina. May benefit from a light polish, but we have left it exactly as found.

Measures: 83cm wide x 46cm high