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Anatomical Figure

Full height vintage anatomical figure of a man dating from circa 1960. This is a rare piece as it has internal organs as well as arms and legs.  Typically there are 2 types of figure - the first displays removable internal organs, and is larger with no arms or legs, for teaching the internal structure of the human body.  The second is a full figure with arms and legs, but there are no removable organs as it is designed to teach the musculature of the human form. All the organs are present and correct.  The figure had been crudely applied to a piece of chipboard at some time in its past, and the pins holding the arms in place had been lost.  We have re-mounted it on a solid piece of wood, and re-attached the arms - now he is ready to parade on your desk with all his goodies on display :)

Measures: 82cm tall x 30cm wide x 18cm deep