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American Roll Top Desk

Antique American walnut roll top desk produced by The Feige Desk Company of Saginaw, Michigan. Dating from the mid 1890s this desk is made from walnut with oak interior and oak lined drawers. The desk has 2 pedestals housing 6 single height and 1 double height drawers with original dividers. Each pedestal sits on period castors (2 per pedestal) for ease of moving the desk around. All sides of the desk are panelled allowing it to sit just as comfortably in the middle of a room. The interior has 2 small drawers and pen slides/holders as well as compartments for documents. Original key and lock plate are included, and the roll top/drawer locking mechanism work as they should. Can be easily disassembled for shipping. Excellent quality and in amazing condition for age, but with some signs of wear, after all it is the best part of 120 years old. Salvaged from a dentists' office some years ago, and found in a garage recently.

Measures: 123cm wide x 115cm high x 87cm deep