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Benham & Froud Consomme Pot

Enormous antique Benham & Froud copper consomme pot with quite a history! Stamped with Queen Victoria's royal crest and 'HC' for House of Commons.  The royal crest has V & R either side, which is as we would expect, but also an S beneath which we believe denotes that it was originally supplied to the kitchens at Sandringham House. Then at some time in its life, it found its way to the kitchens at the Palace of Westminster (House of Commons). It has brass handles rather than the usual cast iron ones found on lesser pots - these are attached with copper rivets, and stamped 17.  Assume that this is referring to the size, as there is also a stamp 21 on the body of the pot, which is usually where you would see the inventory number. This beauty has recently been fully refurbished, including a deep clean, polish and re-tinning - a very rare piece.

Measures: 43cm (17") diameter x 43cm (17") deep