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Oak Letterpress Cabinet

Vintage Stephenson, Blake & Co Ltd oak letterpress cabinet with 16 equally sized drawers. Dating from circa 1930, the original brass plate is still present on the front, with a beautiful patina showing years of use, but still a good solid piece of furniture with panelled sides.

The company can trace its' history back to the early 19th Century, but the name of Stephenson, Blake & Co Ltd came into existence in 1914 when the company was converted to a private limited liability company. The company was established as a type founder in the early 1900s, and continued in this field until the 1990s, when the business became more of a specialist engineering firm, and the foundry was finally closed in 2005. Much of the typographic equipment from the foundry was passed to the Monotype Corporation, becoming a key part of the Type Museum in Stockwell, London.